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Catering in Kaikoura


We absolutely love to cater for groups of all kinds at The Why Not Cafe. 

We’ve done it all here- from weddings, funerals, and birthdays, to corporate lunches and family get-togethers.

We pride ourselves on providing one of the best ‘cater to order’ services in Canterbury. Sitting down with customers and talking through their expectations is a point of pride for us. As well as catering to every specific request a customer may have, we are also fully capable of making great suggestions and taking the initiative if that is easier for them.

Everything we make for our clients is homemade and delicious. Guests are guaranteed to have a great time with our food on their plates. Whether that’s fancy sandwiches and cake for a baby shower, homely garlic bread and lasagne for a fire department’s work do, and everything in between.

Get in touch with us now. Make your next catered event a delicious one!

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